A quick introduction…

Hey there! Welcome to my little piece of the internet.

My name is Jess. I’m a first time mummy to Noah (born 12th August 2017), aspiring writer, full time dreamer and general procrastinating queen! This blog will simply be a place for all things life – baby talk, beauty tips, skincare routines, homeware hauls, random babble and probably a few rants! Continue reading “A quick introduction…”


Mini Boots and Home Bargains haul

In the spirit of #treatyoself I decided to take a little trip to my local retail park and grab a few bits for a little pamper session. I didn’t go crazy, in fact I only spent a little over a tenner! But I’m pleased with what I got and I can’t wait to get home from work later and have a nice dose of me time!

If you’d like a review on any of the products I’ve bought then let me know and I will keep you updated! But to see what I got, just keep on reading… Continue reading “Mini Boots and Home Bargains haul”

My pregnancy story

As my baby boy is turning one in a matter of weeks, I have decided to commit the next few weeks to the story of my pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding journey and, of course, Noah’s first year. Continue reading “My pregnancy story”

Why would I bring a child into this world?

Believe it or not, this is a question I was actually asked whilst I was pregnant! In fact, in one way or another, I was asked this question numerous times during my pregnancy. Continue reading “Why would I bring a child into this world?”

Why weight loss NEEDS to be about more than just the number on the scales

We all know how it goes – life gets busy, your relationships get comfortable, and before you know it you’ve piled on the pounds are there’s someone you don’t recognise staring back at you in the mirror. Continue reading “Why weight loss NEEDS to be about more than just the number on the scales”

What I eat in a day

As some of you may know – 2018 is my year to get as fit and as healthy as possible. Because of this, I’ve really tried to focus on wholesome, fresh food and that is why I’ve decided to share an entire day of eating with you guys!

Continue reading “What I eat in a day”